Website analyst

1) For my first major writing assignment, I chose to do the website analyst. I chose this assignment because I figured out of all the choices that we had this would be the most interesting one because it has something to do with the field we want to study.

2) I started this assignment the day after we were assigned and briefly talked about the assignment. Luckily that day I had tutoring with my english tutor for this class and she helped my layout things to talk about based on the specifications discussed on blackboard. I did not fully continue to work on the assignment as time came close to the deadline because of other school work and extracurricular activities. I completed this assignment around 10:30 last night while working on it most of the day and putting it together. I figured that this assignment isn’t like previous writing assignments I have written in the past so I knew that it would take time and numerous hours to accomplish and finish.

3) This writing assignment was unique and different then other assignment I have did in the past. I never wrote a website analyst before or anything like this so I wasn’t to sure about what all needs to be included to make sure the project is done well.

4) Now that I am done, I wish I would have known how to use the flowchart and how to properly insert screenshots into the assignment to make it better. The flowchart was really hard and difficult to understand how to do it.

5) For my next assignment I would definitely do this assignment ahead of time so I could ask questions on specific to make sure I’m doing it right. I would make sure that I follow the specifications online so I make sure I have everything and a good information . Advice I would give is to do this ahead of time, make sure you know how to screenshot and use them, use the flowchart system or find someone who does, and ask questions about the assignment if worried about something.