In Class Interview

Jared Messer,

Today I interviewed Mr.Messer in class today. He is from San Antonio, Texas. He wanted to go to school in Texas but did not want to attend Texas or Texas A&M so he decided to become a bear. He studies finance and decided to choose that because he wanted to study business but not a part of business with hard classes and not too much school or have significant amount of hours to take. The only class he writes for is this english we are in which also requires the most writing and all his major classes involved in requires the least amount of writing. The writings he has done in college are about the same as the ones he did in high school. Jared is not a big fan of writing on a personal basis and chooses not to do any. Jared’s business law class is the only class he really reads for which is every night, the amount depends on how he feels. In his spare time and for his pleasure he tends to read sports articles and ESPN articles whether online or on his phone with the ESPN app. Jared does not have a favorite book just common interest in sports.


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