introductory critique rewrite

This rewrite of my first introductory critique I felt a lot better about because I knew what to expect and how to properly do it. Sometimes on an assignment like this you might not know exactly what to talk about, all the important information you need, or how to write enough stuff and stay on the 1 page limit.

1) I would say that my first written critique was fairly good for my first time doing an assignment like that. The comments and feedback based upon the initial one I wrote was helpful because I knew what I needed to do to make it better and what all needs to be discussed.

2) I know that the detailed summary should be fairly longer then your response because the detailed summary needs elaborate details and more information about the reading. Each point or idea in the executive summary, detailed summary, and response needs its own paragraph. Your response needs to include a outside source tying the reading with it.

3) The most substantive changes that I made were adding more information or details to the detailed summary, giving each point in the sections its own paragraph, and adding an outside source. I did not really have to change much just add more.4) I stuck with the same ideas or points in my response as my first one. The source I incorporated had to do with feedback so I kind of compared the two and brought up some interesting points regarding the two and the initial reading.

5) The final process was to make sure I did what my comments said on the first critique I wrote to help make this one better, add more details, and add additional source.

6) Advice to someone who is attempting to rewrite their critique is make the changes based on your first critique and make changes to the comments you make regarding the first one.


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