Critique #1 self evaluation

My introductory critique paper received a C+ grade, mainly because I wasn’t too sure how to write a critique or know how it would be graded. I took into consideration off what all I need to do better for next time and make the grade better with comments.

1) I would focus more on adding more details to the detailed summary to make more elaborate and informative. Also take out the questions that were trying to make a point and next time explain what I was trying to get across. Lastly provide an outside source in my response to connect with the reading.

2) Structural wise I would split the paragraphs into different parts for each point to have its own section.

3) Voicing I wouldn’t use first person using I, me, our, or anything that include myself .

4) Overal my spelling and punctuation is good but I would eliminate contractions like won’t and doesn’t. I would also make the executive summary more clear to explain what I am going to be discussing.


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